10 Ways of China Online Marketing Promotion


1. Advertorial
Advertorial promotion is one of the indispensable tools in online marketing. The advantage of it is that it is convenient to operate and some contributions in websites are free. But it requires high quality, if it advertising properties are too apparent, it may be rejected. 
Disadvantages: the quality has a direct impact on the promotion effect. 

2. BBS
BBS is one of the main forms of internet community, and it is also a very good marketing channel. Generally, it has large user groups, wide audience, strong interactions and can make man-made influence. A lot of information could be released on BBS, it is depend on the opportunity that whether you can find what you need.
Disadvantages: the user’s number is too large and community plates are various, making the target audience not so clear. And the quality requirement is high that needs a team to work on it

3. Q&A websites 
Q&A websites have strong interactivity, and can spread information quickly. Combined with SEO skills, it has the advantages that collect fast, rank well and weight high.
Weakness: it has an account level limitation. 

4. Website Navigation
Companies always want to make the website navigation as the preferred way of promotion, but due to the space is limited, it is difficult to get a place and cannot find user groups accurately. Therefore vertical website navigation is become a new trend to promote. 
Disadvantages: positioning and user groups are not clear.
5. IM Promotion
IM is an important way of internet promotion. Enterprises can, according to their own related products feature, join in different groups and release relevant information to catch more users.
Disadvantages: it is always done in friend circles, so you need to pay attention to the promotion degree, otherwise it is easy to make people disgusted.

6. SNS social network
SNS (renren and kaixin) is gradually carrying out online promotion. People prefer it as one of their publicity channel based on several advantages of it. Such as a huge number of users, high degree timeliness, low threshold of spreading and line-interactive.
Disadvantages: because of the Internet users focus shift, it is difficult to create a topic and influence in it.

7. Event marketing
Event marketing by integrating various resources, such as society, enterprise, the user created to attract a large number of media and the user's news. Attracting the public eyes and achieving the purpose of popularization with the aid of news. In general, there are two modes of pattern to promote hot issues: 1, based on hotness; 2, making hotness.
Disadvantages: Uncontrollable of media and the users’ understanding of news.

8. Blog/weibo
Weibo is also called the microblogging. Weibo marketing is very popular in recent years, because of its own some feathers such as low threshold, online interactive and fast spread speed and so on. The blog is a great place for promotion, where can release any advertisement type articles, can interact with people, also can increase the link out number. This is definitely one of the necessary tools for network marketing.
Disadvantages: the updating speed of information in Weibo is quickly, which is hard to make topic and influences. And it’s difficult to make meaningful effect without senior blogger. 

9. WeChat
With the rapid development of mobile Internet, WeChat value cannot be forecast in marketing. It will pushed information to followed user totally.Precision marketing, which can be one to one corresponding to a user for message delivery, can also according to a certain geographical and a point for message delivery. Operating a public account will get more users attention, also can release the related information in the circle of friends.
Disadvantages: WeChat can’t show the users online or not, which cannot guarantee the timeliness.

10. Encyclopedia
Actually, encyclopedia is one of the online marketing way. It has unshakable brand effect in internet users heart for its authoritative and high visibility. In China, we would recommend you Baidu encyclopedia. 
Disadvantages: along with the continuous improvement of editing system, the progress of content auditing is strict, which caused low passing rate.


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