The Emerging Markets Group in China


With the change of the mainstream consumer groups, the communicative influence of mass media, such as TV, has fallen. More and more people no longer watch TV programs, however, the price of TV devices has been raising sharply. The diversification of media channels affects the dispersion of consumers’ attention. It is increasingly difficult to target the most valuable consumers relying exclusively on mass media. Moreover, the cost of sales promotions, national channels and terminal ship goods make it tougher for every enterprise.

In this way, it is possible that the launch of a product will be canceled before the same product even makes it entrance into the market. Advertising strategies definitely makes the difference when it comes to place and promote a new creation. The diversification of regional cultures and the complexity of the market structure in China hamper the possibility of making brands or products known nationwide. 

So far, the Chinese mainstream consumers are gathered in “ethnic groups”, which are discovering products at a different pace. Enterprises understand that in order to target consumers they must take into account  psychological factors and life factors that make perceive products differently. While we can’t clearly identify the reasons for the emergence of specific consumption’s habits in certain groups in society we can clearly assist to “consumption phenomena”, such as high-fitness club.

The rise of the consumer groups is due to the pursuit of good quality goods. The tend of pursuing fashion is also quite changeable and the demand for quality products is increasing. A study found that not only for their house, I.T. products, automobiles and luxury fashion goods, people nowadays pay more attention to their daily diet their shoes and other apparel. Remember, associating your brand not only to the benefits it brings but also to a specific way of life it represents is highly important when it comes to targeting consumers. 

On the above values and definite requirements, this group of consumers is planning their future and assessing their life and career’s success. These people highly value positive energy coming from a balanced between life and work. What they definite as success is having a healthy body, a stable family and a high quality of life. ,This achievements go then to implement a sense of social responsibility towards society as a whole. People in this group not only can be as example to the masses, but also help to define new trends amongst the community by being representatives themselves of such new habits and highly influencing purchasing rationales. .

In sum, the article aimed at shedding light on change in people’s lifestyles, and what’s behind consumption’s habits. Enterprises can invest in marketing platforms on which they can easily establish communication with consumers. Of course, purchases tendencies differ amongst groups in society, therefore the social platform, the media strategy and the mode of communication must vary accordingly. Each group of people desires to identify itself seeking a unique style and the pursuit of a unique way of life .If enterprises want to impact on consumers, they must add these elements into their marketing approach. In the future, Chinese consumersmarket will have a new hierarchical structure. Businesses today struggle to reach a high variety of group in society; this is the reason why personalization, image improvement and attention to details are pivotal themes featuring the essence of marketing.


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