How to Position Community E-commerce


Before starting our analysis, we should remind ourselves that Community E-Commerce does not represent a new operating more. On the contrary, it represents an extension programme, which combines the features of traditional e-commerce and mobile commerce. It is a representation of community economy, marking the rise of a new commercial ideology.
The difference between community economy and community e-commerce 

To understand community e-commerce, we should first learn about community economy
To sum up, community economy is a service-oriented practice with the focus of creating content in order to empower Trust Economy via word-of-mouth marketing. This kind of business mode, widely present in ancient society, embodies the earliest economic relationships in old communities.

Based on the core concept of “Boost business by trust”, community economy has flooded to every corner of the commercial world with various online and offline channels. All the enterprises targeting sustained growth should foster and become familiar with the key concept of community economy.

The difference between community e-commerce, traditional e-commerce and mobile e-commerce
Community e-commerce is an extended online product of community economy, which cannot be simply divided into B2B, B2C or C2C. Quite the opposite, it can be compatible with the three types simultaneously.

Community e-commerce’s methods can be applied to traditional e-commerce and mobile e-commerce, and it can even show its value on micro business platforms supported by social media tools.

The solution is improving users’ awarness

As is pointed out above, community e-commerce is the upgrade version of traditional e-commerce, which aims at activating customer community and forming a network of users. Doing so, communication and interactions amongst customers give birth to what is widely known as word-of-mouth marketing

In the upgrade transformation of community e-commerce, enterprises urgently need to recognize their core values and the reasons why users are more likely to choose them instead of other modes of communication. In order to do so, businesses may analyze the existing relation between users’ profiles, their interests and the company’s values and ultimately adding the users to the community mechanism.

Optimize the products

Driving enterprises’ customers to a socialization trend represents a slippery slope for many companies. A successful operation would scale the business influence both online and offline; at the same time though, improper actions may damage a company’s reputation as well. If, for instance, an enterprise is object of a customer’s complaints for failing to meet the desired standards, that could easily and quickly turn into a community complaint, highly damaging the name of the company, or worse leading to a PR crisis.


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