Opportunities and Challenges of Traditional Print Media in the Era of Internet


Facing the impact of new media, traditional print media should resort to internet to elevate the transformation and upgrading, the profound integration with new media, the application of new technologies and finally find the new mode suit for itself.

In recent years, the rapid development of the internet is changing the human civilization in an unprecedented depth and breadth. It brings challenges as well as opportunities.

After the birth of new media, the news dissemination way has changed a lot. The incredible speed and quantity of news strikes people’s horizon. Then the lag spread of traditional paper media is obvious. Because of this, the growth of new media is much faster than the traditional media. The loyal readers traditional media spends much time and energy cultivating seem to turn to new media after one night. However, the more worrying thing is that the new group of readers growing in the new media environment do not have the habit of reading newspaper. Under the challenges of content, mode of transmission, operating income, users and so on from mew media, more and more traditional media is downfallen.

However, if put it into a long timeline, the development of the print still has a bright future. Although the rise of new media makes the spread of information quicker, a lot of important content is released by the traditional media. Sometimes, because of the freedom of new media, the information fragmentation, inaccurate report and even the wrong opinion are common in daily life. Therefore, in the aspect of win over users, the traditional media has not completely lost the initiative. The accumulation of brand resources, content resources and talent resources cannot be surpassed in a short period of time. Moreover, its authority, credibility, cultural sense, with the rise of the internet, it will be looming. In the future, the popularization of the internet will result in new media readers becoming younger and the print reader more outstanding. 

Media integration development will be a major and profound change. So far, the media fusion has become Chinese media development theme and key words. The current domestic media try to overtake each other and merge into the further development. No doubt this is a big opportunity for the print. It is worth noticing that the media integration in the era of internet is not only releasing the e-newspaper to expand the influence of the newspaper. Paper electronically is traditional media’s first phase of using the new technology. But more importantly, to research how to take full advantages of new media platform, users and resources, to research the rules of network media operation. Finally, realize the organic docking. Of course, it also means that the business mode must be innovated. In the era of internet, only the one who creates a brand new business mode, can be the winner at the end.


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