Trend of OOH Advertising in China


Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising includes digital and static panels displaying ads in the urban outdoor environment. Along with the continuous innovation of the medium, OOH advertising tend to meet a broader range of communication goals.
OOH remains a key medium that surrounds audiences in our everyday environment. It can reach them while they are close to the point of sale, and when they are more receptive and are less distracted by other media. Beyond the established strength of rapid broadcast coverage, the growing penetration of the medium in the urban environment has resulted in an ability to offer more tightly targeted messages.

In recent years, OOH advertising has grown rapidly in China. It has become the third biggest media after TV and Internet in China.

Growing urbanization in China means OOH is becoming a more prominent medium for more people in China. As Chinese spend more and more time outside their home and office, OOH becomes the channel that allows brands to reach a mass audience rapidly and consistently.

Previously, major types of China’s OOH advertising were road sign and spray painting post. However, OOH advertising have evolved into more types today in China, such as electronic screen and digital sign. Thus, traditional OOH media will lag behind if it is unable to keep pace with Internet.
Evolving targeting technologies within OOH allow brands to communicate relevant messages to the target Chinese audience in a more engaging and contextual way. Below are the main trends of OOH advertising in China:

1. More application of advanced technologies

Nowadays as consumers spend an increasing amount of time outdoors, it is critical for outdoor advertisers to strengthen interactions and increase convergence of new technologies. Technologies such as augmented reality, beacons and virtual reality are set to reshape the outlook of outdoor advertising.

2. Intelligent data integration

Intelligent data use not only makes creative, personalized messaging a possibility, it’s also more effective when integrating mobile data. We live in a world where millions of consumers are coming to expect responsive, data-specific content, most of which are not included in current OOH advertising. But the future is set to be a seamless integration of intelligent data to deliver targeted, specific out-of-home ads to global audiences.

3. Interactive & Experiential

Traditional OOH is kind of display ads, while today’s OOH advertising needs more interaction and experience in digital era, which can promote brand awareness and buying intention.

4. Integration with mobile internet

OOH, mobile phones, e-commerce, and mobile payment are the trends of OOH marketing, which also can enhance the value of OOH ads.

5. Digitization of government management

By establishing real 3D visual database, digitization of government management can be integrated with law enforcement’s audit and management in China.

6. Focus on second-tier and third-tier cities

OOH resources in first-tier and second-tier cities are approaching saturation in China. The huge market potential and bright prospects indicate that injecting more investment in OOH advertising in Tier-3 and Tier-4 cities, is a right decision.

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