5 Simple Tips for Festival Marketing


It’s obvious that a festival event can turn out to be a golden opportunity to reach new customers, especially when you have developed a good festival marketing strategy for based festival marketing insights. You can put below tips into consideration when you run a festival marketing.

1.    Plan in advance

If you have a yearly festival schedule already in place, the host of your festival will probably be very organized. But it’s never too early to start planning. Each year you should be improving your festival plan based on the results of previous year, and bring more inspiring ideas to the festival. We should be clear that festivals just don’t happen, they are organized and planned to handle every detail that contributes to a successful festival. Your planning should cover factors like theme, budget or sponsorship, working committees, logistics, marketing (traditional marketing, PR and digital marketing), activities or attractions, policies and procedures, governance.

2.    Target your audience

Targeting your festival audience is essential: should you set up a booth at a movie festival, a music festival or a local community festival? The answer depends on who your customers are. Learn about your customers’ preferences, and based on that, establish a common ground with them. You should attempt to demonstrate a shared culture that fosters long-term customer loyalty.

3.    Make good use of your budget

In the case that you only have very limited budget to sponsor a festival, it’s time to consider another way to approach the audience. We suggest you can try to establish a higher level of emotional connections with your audience, for example, structuring win-win programs that benefit all sides will probably impress your audience.

4.    Pre-festival ads and post-festival sharing

You should make sure that your potential customers know you’ll be present at the festival site before it begins, so they’ll know where to look for you. Placing ads on publications is a good method for this. You can also produce some signage to put up near your location, and advertise on your website, Facebook, Twitter and newsletters.

Remember to take plenty of photos and videos at the festival. Meanwhile, you can post them on your social media networks to generate shares and increase exposure for your company. Through a number of shares, your content will show great appeal for people who have interests in the festival but couldn’t be on the spot for some reason.

5.    Evaluate the results of festival marketing

Learn from the festival hosted or attended by your company each year. There is still a lot of room for improvement. So have a post-event discussion with your team and put everything on the table to draft an optimized festival strategy.

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