Microblog E-commerce VS WeChat E-commerce


With the Internet era arriving unannounced, marketing channels tend to be more diversified, under such circumstance, a new round of competition between Sina Microblog and Tencent WeChat is about to be unveiled for the sake of attracting attention from more advertisers and marketers. Respective advantages and disadvantages of the two platforms are hereby listed as below:

Semi-close Spreading VS Wide-open Spreading
Generally speaking, people used to define the Microblog as “Weak connection, Less influence” while WeChat is defined as “Strong connection, More influence”. This is why the two platforms provide quite different ways for E-commerce marketers in terms of promoting their products or services, and on the other hand the efficiency of launching the first step in the operation is determined accordingly.

Efficient Penetration VS Progressive Cultivation

It is no secret that WeChat is superior to Microblog due to the differences of basic social framework, which directly leads to the small enterprise’s preference for WeChat

Word-of-mouth marketing is achieved by means of content recommendation and spreading from one friend to another, and WeChat is known as the most powerful tool for social communication online. Yet it is a different story when it comes to Microblog since the relationship with audiences needs to be fostered through a long span of time with plenty of quality content.

Promotion of Limited Commodities VS Releasing of Comprehensive Experience

The reason why E-commerce based on WeChat appears to go downwards is that the items available for the promotion are limited to a very small range of categories. A sales mode of pyramid form based on the distributors is favored by majority of E-commerce enterprises on WeChat.

However, E-commerce enterprises on Microblog don’t operate with an aim of selling the products, and they actually play a role of a shopping guide whose ultimate goal is to direct the audiences to Taobao website.

150 People VS Countless Number

An anthropologist named Robin Dunbar from Oxford University has proposed a Dunbar Law in 2009, in which it explained that a man with normal intelligence could at most include and contact with 148 friends via social networking. It drew a conclusion that despite numerous names were listed on your socializing platform, only 150 of them could be referred to as true friends.


For the purpose of realizing better commodity promotion, it is unavoidable for the marketers to break out of the limited Friend Circle on WeChat although this platform often helps the vendors gain profits at the very beginning of their operation. 

Increasing the number of the viewers is considered as the priority issue for E-commerce players, but WeChat has underperformed on this aspect due to its closed Circle of Friend. Microblog, on the contrary, shows no concern about it since its feature provides convenience for new viewers and potential customers to flood in at any moment.


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