Optimize APP Marketing in the Era of Mobile Internet


As cellphones attach more attention on smart functions than general functions, the world has stepped into the era of mobile Internet. Under such circumstance, it is vital for enterprises to establish a new set of marketing concept in an effort to seize the business opportunities and open up prospects of the future. Thus APP marketing stands out as the most important way to achieve the goals and values of marketing.

In regard to the spreading mode, traditional mobile media mainly deliver the information by messages and therefore the reception of the product or brand information is not out of the consumers’ own will. Yet APP marketing is promoted by implanting the information into application programs, and users who download the APP proactively will receive the messages delivered by the programs during their usage.

In regard to the communication content, the product or brand information delivered by the traditional mobile media is limited to the words and articles, which results in a state that the products or brands cannot be perceived in an ideal and comprehensive way. Whereas APP can navigate how the products or brands are perceived via numerous elements including pics, videos, etc. 

In regard to user behavior, users of traditional mobile media are forced to receive the messages regardless of their will, but APP on the contrary is usually downloaded by users themselves and can be interacted with, which further maximizes the effect of marketing. The development of APP has no sign of slowing down, and it is very likely to become the best choice for every brand that starves for dominating future’s market.

For better APP marketing, the following issues need to be figured out:

First of all, identify what’s in the user’s mind, dig deeper into their demand and preference, and maximize the effect of interaction and integration.

Under the circumstance of social network, users’ behaviors are more than simply receiving the promotional info from enterprises, they will accordingly make their purchasing decisions on the basis of evaluating the goods’ value, in accordance with the comprehensive analysis about their own needs. Social marketing lays great attention on the conversation with consumers, and any enterprise that is targeting at an affective promotion shall have a good understanding of users’ behaviors prior to the actual implementation of propaganda.
APP’s design launched by the enterprise shall, in the first place, align with internal demand and customize the content in line with the tastes and preferences of target consumers. It shall be kept in mind that the user’s demand is subject to the historic data and latest results gathered from target consumers, by no means can we judge it from personal assumptions.

Secondly, it’s necessary to integrate the brand elements with APP, so as to facilitate the brand to elevate its image and reputation.

The core of APP marketing lies in consumers’ understanding towards brands or products as well as the emotional connection built between brands and audiences.

Enterprises shall make use of distinct and creative content which can be integrated with the core concept of the brands or products, so that the product or brand related info is able to be naturally absorbed by the consumers in the course of their APP usage. In this way, enterprises will finally succeed in building loyalty with consumers and make the brand first occur in consumers’ mind when they intend to purchase such kind of products.


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