Some Content Marketing Trends in 2017


Content marketing is evolving in response to how users interact online and is changing with new algorithms that sites like Google and Facebook are adopting. All of these have resulted in the changes to the type of exposure brands can get.

Keeping up with content marketing trends can not only keep you notified of the latest changes, but also allow you to track the behaviors of your competitors.

Some content marketing trends in 2017 are summarized as below:

Combine video with interactive experiences. It’s not a secret that humans process visual content faster than pure words, hence visual language is powerful. Thanks to mobile technology, the demand for interactive video content is making a huge impact. A good video with interactive content can efficiently facilitate you to reach your audiences, pull them in, and connect with them. Social video platforms like Facebook are riding the tide and optimizing their feeds to make it easier than ever for users to consume videos and immerse themselves in the content. With fast-improving technology, it’s possible to combine creative videos with interactive experiences. Whenever you are doing video marketing, it’s important to understand your audience and make the story you are trying to tell more valuable.

Get the most out of email marketing. Even though many believe newsletters are among a dying breed of communications, it continues to be an essential approach to cultivate and grow audiences. A surprising fact is that email open rates are going up in many cases, which is a strong proof that email is still considered as a main source of information for customers.

Content will be more visual. Images and other visual ads play very important parts in promoting content. This is because people find this type of content easier to consume and don’t need to take too much time in their busy schedule. Therefore, people are more engaged with this type of content. Visual content has become so fundamental in the process of brand promotion that lots of social platforms are overwhelmed with images like Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest.

Social media will offer brands more options. Though social media today has been facing many restrictions, it is also offering more options for publishing content. For example, instant articles in Facebook allow publishers to release more of their content in the news feed and capture more attention of users. Just like Facebook, Google is also introducing an instant article format for mobile users, with the purpose of providing brands more visibility in front of audience. Brands need to carefully consider about these options and integrate them into content marketing strategy. One thing that need you to note, you can’t just publish an instant article as you want and wait for the traffic to keep coming in. First you should make sure what you are publishing suit your audience’ interests and contain the value they are looking for.

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