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It’s no doubt that HTML5 has been a hot topic in the front-end web development field for few years now and it has completely changed the way developers design web applications. From desktop browser to mobile APP, a new kind of language and standards are strongly influencing various operating platforms. When it comes to mobile, what’s better, web app or native app? This has always been a question concerning web developers. Yet with the rise of HTML5, the difference between the two gradually tends to be blurred and, to keep pace with the latest technology, all major media platforms tend to look at HTML5 related news. So, what are HTML5’s trends for the coming years? Below I summarize some of my own opinions and I included some ideas I agree with.

1. Mobile First

With new mobile apps sprouting up every single day, in a world bombarded by smart phones and tablets, we can easily conclude that cellphones became an essential part of our daily life, to the point that for some people, the caption “No phone, no life” is the truth. Under such circumstances, regardless of what your focus is, the production of mobile terminal able to improve users’ life, seems to be a top priority issue to tackle. Therefore, HTML5 is expected to be installed even more on mobile terminals in the near future. Some big companies have already applied HTML5’s technology for mobile development and saw outstanding performances, which in turn further proves HTML5’s prominent position in the future.

2. Game development is an important field

Developing games, especially cellphone games, is very profitable; however, if you implant your game APP into IOS system, a 30% charge of your revenue will be submitted to Apple Inc.. Instead, you can avoid to pay such a fee by using HTML5 to develop web apps. Therefore, this brings the conclusion that those who can benefit the most from HTML5 are definitely game developers.

3. Responsive design

Before HTML5 has any actual influence on mobile platforms, it has to solve one unavoidable problem: responsive design; this means that, the screen size should be automatically adjusted to match the content. Yet responsive design is not an easy thing to accomplish, because the number of devices we have at the moment makes it hard for developers to handle all of them at the same t.. To develop a successful responsive design, developers first need to understand the feedback relation between content and screen and focus on how the content is processed through web terminals and mobile terminals. Although this progress hasn’t been realized yet, we believe HTML5 will make it possible.

4. Access to devices

The biggest advantage of mobile or tablets apps over web apps is that they can widely access  users’ devices, such as camera, phone list, calendar, accelerator and other functions in the phone. As for HTML5, Mozilla keeps trying to improve the access to private devices by mobile browser Fennec. For many mobile developers, the improvement of device access is the most exhilarating transformation of HTML5, meaning web app can visit the mobile device without PhoneGap. As a result, the cloud terminal is better integrated to enhance users’ gaming experience. With HTML5, developers don’t need to rely on Java, CSS3, HTML or any other languages’ programs.

5. Offline cache

Offline cache is a relatively new concept. Briefly, it means web apps can continue to work even without internet connection. Web apps used to rely on Internet connection to operate, but the offline cache of HTML5 can help to overcome this limit. By applying offline cache, web apps will always be available in spite of not being connected to the Internet. Currently, some products have already realized what we mentioned above, such as cloud reading for Amazon’s Kindle.

Opinions above are only for your reference, and any insights into HTML5 are welcome here.

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