What Role Is AI Playing in the Marketing Field?


1.    Preemptively Do Marketing

With AI, marketers can easily look through a large amount of data to identify patterns and trends. And thanks to AI doing the ‘searching’, there is no need to analyze data manually. Once patterns are identified, marketers can preemptively promote solutions, products, or programs to segment markets and niche groups.

2.    AI-Generated Content

This is quite an interesting area for AI. Although AI can't create a political opinion or a distinctive blog post on a specific theme, there are certain areas where AI is capable of generating content that would help draw visitors to your site. By integrating some new functions, AI content writing programs are able to pick elements from a database and structure a manual-like article.

3.    Smarter Search

AI Marketing methods and other big data solutions can be very helpful in terms of assisting marketers to analyze customers’ search patterns. A thorough analysis will guide the marketers about where to look in their next step. In addition, the evolution of virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa are creating a new challenge, since marketers must understand how those new technologies will impact SEO and other search optimization tactics.

4.    Make Individual Systems Work Together as a Holistic System

A major issue in digital marketing is the fact that different platforms -- Facebook, search, Twitter, display, email, SMS and so on -- are processed and supported by different internal systems. It's impossible to manually gather insights from one platform and apply them across all relevant platforms in an effective and efficient way.

If we apply AI to do this, it may be possible to combine all different systems into a coherent, holistic program, and furthermore utilize it to prepare a great marketing strategy that could be used in all the social platforms.

5.    Sales Forecasting

AI marketing has enhanced sales conversion management to a new level by analyzing customer communications and traditional metrics such as consumer engagement, closed business, and communication channels.

6.    Smarter Ads

Smart advertising will likely be one of the major fields that AI Marketing plays a significant role in 2017. Many brand owners tend to develop key marketing aspects such as keyword searches, social profiles, and other online data by AI marketing methods. It will allow marketers to create smarter and more effective ads tailored to the audience and help generate more business leads.

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