Effective Tools for Media Buying


Media buying is the process of placing your brand’s advertisement to different platforms where your target audience can view them. Nowadays media buying is very critical for the success of business.

Firstly, media buying can help the business find its target audience, and ensures that you put your marketing efforts in areas where you could get quality results..

Secondly, media buying can catch the attention of users. If the advertisement is attractive enough for the users, they may have a further look at your website or even try your brand products.

Media buying can also help your brand become popular among your audience, and make your product become a household name among them, to ultimately convert your viewers into buyers.

Finally, you can try to be more creative in presenting your product to your audience with media buying. You can do lots of creative things in the online world. If a creative advertisement campaign hits the right chord of your target audience then the potential conversions of online users into customers may be very considerable.

Though media buying plays an important role in your marketing program, it’s very complicated to fully understand and implement the media buying strategy. Below are some of the common tools which can help you save time on your media buying campaign.

1.     Vividata

Ever wonder what Canadian consumers are looking for? Vividata allows you to find out. Vividata is an audience measurement tool that collects attitudes and behaviors of Canadian consumers by conducting approximately 38,000 surveys annually. Their robust database is then used to help media buyers understand their interested segments' relationship with media as well as hundreds of product and services.

Their cross-platform audience segments provide excellent insights and research, ideal for your next media campaign.

2.     ComScore

ComScore helps you get the most out of your digital advertising spend. Their vast mixture of proprietary and consumer data supports the measurement of audience insights and advertising analytics by linking media and product usage with users’ viewing habits.

Whether TV, movie, or digital, comScore provides excellent consumer profiles and behavior data to assist advertisers in measuring the reach and the impact of the campaigns.

3.     Nielsen Expenditures

Nielsen can measure more than half of the world’s total broadcast, print and online advertising.

How do they do it? They estimate advertising expenditure through what they refer to as "spot monitoring methodology". They also collect ad creatives in a database, giving agencies and media owners’ valuable acumen to improve ad quality.

All in all, Nielsen's tracking and analysis tools is of great help to measure ad spend and monitor ad placements, so it's definitely one to keep in mind.

4.     Google Trends/ Think with Google

Google has a number of free tools for media buyers and marketers who are looking for high level insights, and they're continually adding more to offer.

Google Trends and Think with Google are both first-rate tools for obtaining ideas, insights, and researches about digital marketing. With these tools, you’ll find a load of articles, infographics, and data visualizations that break down emerging marketing trends across industries.

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