A Few Destination Marketing Trends in 2017


For those who work in the destination marketing field, they will see a mix of old and new marketing strategies in 2017 to create campaigns that captivate and convert the target audience. DMOs (destination marketing organizations) will still be vast and diverse, giving destination marketers the chance to look at their destinations from different angles while elevating their technological capabilities.

Destination marketers play a unique role in the tourism industry and hospitality industry. As the ambassador for a destination, they usually possess numerous travel resources. DMOs’ main responsibility is to stimulate the demand for visiting the place, so that travel suppliers as well as intermediaries will better sell their travel products. Nowadays to successfully attract and engage visitors, it increasingly depends on the ability to understand and leverage technical means.

Here are the trends that we believe all destination marketers should be tracing:

Video should be your first choice. Video is the one medium that is able to attract massive viewers, and make a true connection between a brand and its customers. Video will contribute to 74% of all internet traffic in 2017. As a destination marketer, you need to figure out your video strategy for the year.

Virtual Reality is the rising star in 2016 and will continue to shine through 2017. More and more brands are applying the VR technology for marketing purposes.

Mobile is the future. In 2017, some forecasters believe that mobile will replace desktop as the most popular device for travel planning. Some reports show that more than 50 percent of millennial are completely comfortable with using their mobile device to plan and book their next vacation. Hence when planning for your marketing activities, think mobile first and whether your tactics will be feasible on a mobile device.

Quit trying to be on every social media platform. We all know we need to be on social media. There’s no doubt about that. But 2017 is the year destination marketers need to figure out which platforms are the most appropriate for your destination. Then delve into them and do them well.

Big Data and Big Returns. According to the latest data released from The American Express Future of Travel and the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, “83% of the Millennial highly value personalization and are willing to have brands to track their habits in exchange for a more bespoke experience,” whilst “the vast majority of respondents (85%) said that a customized itinerary is far more appealing than a pre-packaged one, and 72% would spend more time planning a trip that is tailored to their interests. Additionally, 90% of respondents say they appreciate the efforts of a travel professional to customize an experience based on their preferences.” In conclusion, in 2017, destination marketers will be using Big Data to get detailed and personal information of travelers - not only because travelers crave for it, but also because it leads to considerable sales and marketing opportunities.

Take your products to the audience. The travel industry has long been referred to as “invisible industry”, but in 2017 you need to be more visible by hosting events in other competitive cities. It’s a good idea to introduce the special features of your destination to another city, so people can actually experience the charming points and decide whether or not they should put your city into their bucket list. The key is to make sure you tell the story of your destination, and you could bring as many brand ambassadors as you can to catch the attention of the public.

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