China Online Marketing: Weibo, WeChat and Baidu SEO/SEM Are the Recipes


For most companies, launching into China’s social stratosphere seems like a daunting task. Among the ever increasing number of platforms, brands are often forced to enter the debate between China’s social goliaths, Weibo and WeChat. Weibo marketing and WeChat marketing are the 2 most welcomed brand promoting channels in China.

Weibo, with 198 million monthly active users (MAU’S), is the first stop on the social media campaign trail when it comes to brand exposure. Brands use the platform much like Twitter, actively engaging in conversation with followers and posting content on relevant topics. These methods are used to increase reach and awareness, as well as a way to gain insight into the lifestyles and preferences of their target customers.

WeChat, which currently commands 600 million MAU’s is more focused on one-to-one communication. Brands use WeChat as a way to retain their customers and further promote their products. Alongside sharing texts, videos and voice messages among close friends, users can also make mobile payments, browse e-commerce stores, book taxis and check in for flights among an array of other functions. Unlike Weibo’s publicly accessible accounts, users choose which brands to subscribe to, much like adding a friend. Due to these privacy settings, brands can communicate with consumers one-to-one, which can have a huge impact on brand loyalty if handled with care.

Another popular way of online marketing in China is Baidu SEM and SEO. It’s one of the most effective way to bring you conversions and customers. Baidu’s SEM solution works as a Search Engine: clients select keywords and nominate a price per click they are prepared to pay. Clients and Agencies who are familiar with other search networks like Google, Bing or Yahoo will find it easy to set up a Baidu Search campaign. Compared with SEO on Google, Baidu SEO is very special and hard. SEO on Baidu is generally more expensive because the duration of Baidu is longer and the competition is generally more intense than that on Google.

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