Something You Should Know About a Digital Marketing Tool in China


Social media is booming in China. Chinese people are much more social than Westerners. Social networking is a virtual extension of their relationship.  Social networks are spaces of free speech and information sharing so the behaviors of Internet users on these platforms are the best symbols of Chinese society change.

Among all the social media platforms, WeChat is one of the must-have if you want to succeed in your digital marketing campaign or mobile marketing, because it has a really strong influence on mobile end. WeChat is on the way to become the most powerful app in the world. However, it is not an easy social media to enter in, since WeChat is not based on exposure or influence but more on a one-to-one personalized and dedicated communication with users.

WeChat has all social media functions combined in one application, offering individuals and businesses a simple everyday communicational tool. It’s the reason why many companies are using the app’s functions in their digital marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, WeChat has a deep insight into the huge success brought by the booming of mobile and is actually taking advantage of it by offering brands a product that combines social aspects and commercial ones. The app is designed to be what we call “social e-commerce platform”, enhancing social media and e-commerce platform.

Some basic characteristics about WeChat are as follows:

Firstly, Efficient Communication : WeChat not only allows users to communicate via free calls, text messages and conference calls, but also allows them to use the popular “Hold to Talk” feature, a new-generation walkie-talkie. Users only have to choose a contact, press the button and talk. When the user releases the button, the message is sent.

Secondly, All-in-one: While most applications use only one type of communication, WeChat is more flexible, as it’s connected to 850,000 other apps. It enables companies to develop specific functions to increase their customer base and their appeal to a wider market.

Thirdly, Advertisement: The most popular social sharing function of WeChat is called Moments which copy from characteristics of Facebook timeline. The app has recently establish a partnership with BMW and Coca-Cola to integrate their adverts into users’ timelines. The companies are following a trend, whereby firms interact with their customers through sharing their news and offering special deals and promotions.

Lastly, many renowned brands have set up official public accounts on WeChat, allowing them to communicate with their audience by sharing news feeds and providing customer service through the app.

To reach more audience and improve brands’ relationships with potential customers, marketing companies can even try to integrate some game elements in brandsWeChat presence, or post customer surveys to get real-time feedbacks, so as to take advantage of geo-fueled news feed features to target users near brands’ retail locations.

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